Jesus Themed Checks

Jesus themed checks are a great way to share your adoration of Christ and inspire people around you. Spread the message of Jesus with every check you write.

Beautiful and inspirational designs also come with matching labels & checkbook covers.

Jesus Check Designs:

Heaven's Light Checks
Heaven's Light Checks

Heaven's Light Jesus checks from include 4 beautiful scenes depicting Christ: The Resurrection, I am the Light, Living Waters, and The Ascension. The images were created by a renowned American artist Danny Hahlbohm. Beautiful and inspirational. Also available in address labels, checkbook covers, and inspiration cards. Order NOW!

The Teacher Jesus Checks
The Teacher Checks

A wonderful depiction of Jesus as a teacher. Jesus touches us with hope and healing. Through words and by example. Order NOW!

Life of Christ Checks
Life of Christ Checks

The life of Jesus Christ told with a magnificent stained glass artwork. In churches all over the world, stained glass reflects the glory of Jesus and the greatness of God. Order NOW!

The Last Supper
The Last Supper Checks

The Last Supper - Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece that portrays Jesus and his 12 Apostles at the moment he tells them of his fate, announcing that one of them will betray him. This painting has a prominent position in Christian history. It's conveying a message of sacrifice and powerful connection to God. Order NOW!

Prince of Peace
Prince of Peace Checks

A classic illustration of Jesus with his arms wide open. Beautiful and eternal. Order NOW!

Hope and Peace
Hope and Peace Jesus Personal Checks

A beautiful scene that presents Jesus as a symbol of peace and hope. A spiritual reminder of the divine, love, peace, hope, and the greatness of God. Order NOW!

Jesus is an inspiration to people all over the world. His teachings give us hope, meaning and fulfillment in life. Jesus checks offer a nice opportunity to bring wisdom and inspiration of Christ into something as mundane as a financial transaction.

Every check you write will inspire people around you and spread the message of love, peace and brotherhood.